1. Somewhere Between Truth & Sanity
    Dave McGrew

  2. Chris Turner Harmonicas
    Chris Turner

  3. Get Nung!
    The Nee Ningy Band

  4. Gilgamesh
    The Nee Ningy Band

  5. Just Whop It
    The Nee Ningy Band

  6. SCREW

  7. Swallowtail Jig
    The Nee Ningy Band

  8. [Put a Dime in the] Busker's Cup
    The Nee Ningy Band

  9. Cabbage Man
    Sam Frazier, Jr.

  10. Albert White & the Rockers
    Albert White

  11. Biscuits For Your Outside Man
    Various Artists

  12. Spencer Branch
    Spencer Branch

  13. Music Maker Treasure Box

  14. Blues Sweet Blues

  15. Louisiana Time

  16. Rugby, VA
    Wayne & Max Henderson

  17. Outlaw
    Harvey Dalton Arnold

  18. Double Bang: Hot Bang!
    Ironing Board Sam

  19. This Stuff Just Kills Me
    Jerry "Boogie" McCain

  20. Route 66
    Eddie Tigner

  21. Turn Off the Fear
    Carl Rutherford

  22. One Man Band
    Adolphus Bell

  23. Take Me Back
    Sam Frazier, Jr.

  24. Mississippi Rubberleg
    Adolphus Bell

  25. Live At the Hamilton
    Captain Luke

  26. We Are the Music Makers!

  27. Prospect Hill
    Dom Flemons

  28. Ironing Board Sam and the Sticks
    Ironing Board Sam

  29. Vari-Colored Songs
    Leyla McCalla

  30. Double Bang: Big Bang!
    Ironing Board Sam

  31. Roots of Sacred Steel
    Elder Anderson Johnson

  32. Brother's Tone
    George Conner

  33. Buffalo Junction
    Boo Hanks and Dom Flemons

  34. One More Mile
    Robert Lee Coleman

  35. Carolina Blues and Gospel
    Shelton Powe

  36. Sing It Louder
    Cary Morin

  37. N.O.L.A. Rhythum And Booze
    Guitar Lightnin' Lee

  38. Clickin' King of Hip Poppin'
    Whistlin' Britches

  39. Deers R Us
    The Deer Clan Singers

  40. The Music Maker Revue Live! In Europe

  41. Hallelujah Boogaloo
    Drink Small

  42. Me and My Fiddle
    Andy Edmonds

  43. Blue & Lonesome
    Alabama Slim

  44. At Home in the New Orleans Musicians' Village
    Little Freddie King

  45. 270 Haystack Rd.
    Benton Flippen

  46. Don't Mess With Miss Watkins
    Beverly "Guitar" Watkins

  47. Banjo
    Etta Baker

  48. The Beginning Of The Music Maker Story
    Guitar Gabriel

  49. American Songster
    Dom Flemons

  50. The Spiritual Expressions of Beverly "Guitar" Watkins
    Beverly "Guitar" Watkins

  51. Touring With Lucy
    Lee Gates

  52. Tell Me Mama
    Chicago Bob

  53. The Great Unknown
    Big Ron Hunter

  54. The Simple Things
    Randy Burns

  55. They Call Me Dr. Burt
    Dr. G.B. Burt

  56. One of These Days
    Captain Luke

  57. You Got to Lose, You Can't Win All the Time
    John Dee Holeman

  58. Sittin' Here Singin' the Blues
    Little Pink Anderson

  59. Slippin' In
    Eddie Tigner

  60. Christmas With Cootie
    Cootie Stark

  61. Fiddler's Dream
    Benton Flippen

  62. Georgia Drumbeat
    James Davis

  63. Dance Tunes, Ballads and Blues
    Dom Flemons

  64. Gospel Train
    Bishop Dready Manning

  65. The Mighty Flood
    Alabama Slim & Little Freddie King

  66. Pickin' Low Cotton
    Boo Hanks

  67. Soul of the Blues
    Albert White

  68. John Dee Holeman and the Waifs Band
    John Dee Holeman

  69. Rainy Day
    George Higgs

  70. Drink House to Church House, Vol. 1

  71. Drink House to Church House, Vol. 2

  72. Songs of T-Town
    Larry Shores

  73. Black Lucy's Deuce
    Lee Gates

  74. Live and Let Live
    Sweet Betty

  75. Carolina Breakdown
    Etta Baker

  76. The Feelings of Beverly "Guitar" Watkins
    Beverly "Guitar" Watkins

  77. Rainin' In New Orleans
    Slewfoot and Cary Beckelheimer

  78. Alabama Blues Man
    Willie "Sonny Boy" King

  79. Follow Your Heart's Desire
    Pura Fé

  80. Honey Babe
    Algia Mae HInton

  81. Music Makers With Taj Mahal

  82. Chicken Raid
    Mr. Frank Edwards

  83. High Steppin' Momma
    Clyde Langford

  84. Lee Gates and the Alabama Cotton Kings
    Lee Gates

  85. Guitar Heaven
    Cool John Ferguson

  86. Raw Sugar
    Cootie Stark

  87. Born In Newton County
    Cora Mae Bryant

  88. "Boogie" Is My Name...
    Jerry "Boogie" McCain

  89. Fruit Tramp Ballads of the Great Northwest
    Dave McGrew

  90. Grasshopper Pie
    Slewfoot and the Angels

  91. Sisters Of The South

  92. I've Been Washed In the Water
    Essie Mae Brooks

  93. Carolina Bluesman
    Little Pink Anderson

  94. Volume: Blue

  95. Beaufort Blues
    Big Boy Henry

  96. Cool Yule
    Cool John Ferguson

  97. Songs From The Roots Of America, Vol. 2

  98. Blues Came to Georgia

  99. Outsider Lounge Music
    Captain Luke

  100. Born With the Blues
    Cora Mae Bryant

  101. Cool John Ferguson
    Cool John Ferguson

  102. Sawmill Worker
    Preston Fulp

  103. Tarboro Blues
    George Higgs

  104. Unplugged
    Jerry "Boogie" McCain

  105. Rain In Your Life
    Essie Mae Brooks

  106. Back in Business
    Beverly "Guitar" Watkins

  107. Railroad Bill
    Etta Baker

  108. Bull Durham Blues
    John Dee Holeman

  109. Expressin' the Blues

  110. Sugar Man
    Cootie Stark

  111. A Living Past

  112. Came So Far

  113. Guitar Gabriel - Volume 1
    Guitar Gabriel

  114. Deep in the South
    Guitar Gabriel

  115. Toot Blues
    Guitar Gabriel

  116. Ninth Wonder of the World of Music
    Ironing Board Sam


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The Music Maker Relief Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, was founded to preserve the musical traditions of the South by directly supporting the musicians who make it, ensuring their voices will not be silenced by poverty and time.

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